Admission Procedure

college-admissions1. After the declaration of results of each year students should apply for the admission by filling up the prescribed Admission Form. 2. Dates for the distribution and accepting the Admission Form will be mentioned on the notice board. No forms shall be accepted after that date. 3. Students must attaché following documents, original and attested copies: a. School Leaving Certificate and Two attested copies. b. Original mark sheet of H.S.C. (Std. 12) and three attested copies. Note: Students are advised to keep required Xerox copies of the above mentioned documents with them. Original documents shall not be returned, under any circumstances, unless all the procedures have been completed. 4. Addresses of the relevant offices for the certificate for S.C./S.T./Bakshi Panch Jilla Pachhat Kalyan Adhikari Shri: Navi Bahumali Bhavan, 4th Floor, Opp. Jalaram Mandir, Valsad. Takedar Adhikarishri: Navi Bahumali Bhavan, B-wing, 4th Floor, Opp. Jalaram Mandir, Valsad. Jilla Samaj Kalyan Adhikarishri: Navi Bahumali Bhavan, 4th Floor, Opp. Jalaram Mandir, Valsad.

Admission Rules

General Information regarding admission for Students who want to join the institution:

∎ College timings will be from 7.30am or 7.45am to 12.35pm. ∎ Students travelling to Vapi from near by villages should keep in mind the timings of buses and trains whilst taking admission. ∎ They should take admission only if the timings of the college suit them. ∎ Admission will strictly be on the basis of eligibility. ∎ Decision taken by the Principal in matter if giving admission will be taken as final. ∎ Admitted students and their parents have to follow the rules laid by the college and the university. ∎ After taking admission, students who are irregular in the classes, wondering outside or inside the college campus, don't pay attention to the issued notices, disrespecting the college staff, arguing for giving internal exams or stooping other students for appearing in the internal exam, punishable steps will be taken against them. And such students will not be enrolled by the college for the next academic session/year. ∎ To stop the wastage of money by students, because of no inherent qualities of students are nurtured in the celebration of various days, such as Tie Day, Sari Day etc., we don't allow the celebration of such days or we don’t organize progrrame such as musical party. ∎ Acceptance of your admission application form doesn't assure your admission to the college. Students who don't appear in the eligibility list, their application shall be returned.