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Dr. H. A. Desai

The international Commission for Education has rightly quote "The Aim of education is to transform person into a complete man”UNESCO has mentioned in its documents “Flexibility, innovation, creativity, Entrepreneurship, versatility and team work, are those skill today, that are accepted as parameters to assess the quality of higher education.”I am happy to express my feelings here, at the time when the college is entering in the 23rd year of its establishment. During this long span of time we have set up certain transparent practices and traditions which have created a value and quality based educational environment in the campus. We always lead the college with the objective to be a good and active partner of society and make sincere efforts to generate good and responsible citizens.We have developed healthy and co-ordinal team work among the students, staff, university and society through implementing FOUR ‘D’ concept, i.e. Decision, Direction, Dedication and Discipline. Apart from our regular teaching we hold and organise a number of activity to give exposure to the capability of our students. Extracurricular activities, sports, Seminars, Workshops, Competitions, Guest Lectures were arranged and have participated in number of activities organised by the Institutions, University, UGC and the Government, etc. I accept and express my sincere thanks to my students, staff, the arrangement personals, the authorities, the University, the concern department of Government of Gujarat. Without their cooperation and encouragement, we would not have successful ending of our activities.I remember the following quotes Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is a progress; Working together is a success.

Prin. Dr. H. A. Desai